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That box mockup is a work of art! Had fun with this. Seems like you can quite quickly get overwhelmed by enemies – it would be cool if there was a powerup or something that you could strategically deploy to counter this.

Thank you! I had a lot of fun doing it. Yeah it's tricky balancing poop organisation and bug squashing when you're on a timer, powerups would have been a great addition!


Awesome graphic job here ! It correctly fits the "broughlike" constraint by being a sokoban and roguelike crossover. Good job !

Thank you! I really enjoyed making the art for this one. Glad you like it :D


Really fun with cool sprites and feel. I'm not sure how to really rack up points tho, because you seem to be rewarded for success by the waves advencing? I got to the feet, unsure what that was about..

Nice one!

Getting those legs coming down means you ran out of time - I agree it could have been more obvious.
Thanks for playing :)